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Lanza Leave-In Conditioner:  Can I just say universe’s gift to man kind? This is probably the only leave in conditioner I’ve ever tried and stuck with. I’m sure there are other brands but so far, I’ve stuck it out with this. 

Specs: 10.1 oz, $15 at Ulta (you can only purchase this in store, it’s not available online). 

Application: Apply it all over, but I specifically use products that condition hair from the ear and down . So really the bottom portion of my hair, paying attention to the ends. Application amount is dime to nickle sized (believe me this is enough!) in wet/damp hair. Leave it in for 10-15 minutes, comb through, then blow dry/style accordingly.  

Must-have: This product is truly amazing, I have really long, thick hair (i’m very thankful for, and it’s all genetics baby!), and my hair doesn’t get enough moisture. Now I recommend Lanza because for my hair it helps it retain moisture, it helps repair my hair as a result of all the blow drying I do and it protects my hair from damaging UV rays. I’ve noticed that my hair is softer, and very easy to style. I would honestly say you don’t need the 33 oz. bottle of Lanza because to begin with you must use a small amount when applying to your hair. It suits all weather conditions, so you know your hair isn’t going to go haywire. 

I want to point out something else, in the second image i have my thumb near the little jar that says 12m and it’s open? that normally reads as the expiration date. So Lanza once opened is good for a whole year :). Enjoy & always pay attention to expiration dates.

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